Teams Gateway VNF


We have created our Microsoft Teams Gateway to be as simple as possible. It simply converts the MS Teams SIP over TLS/SRTP to the normal UDP/RTP in the cloud. It was created with solution providers in mind. No more complicated licensing schemes.  What is a VNF, virtualized network function. Virtualized network functions (VNFs) are software implementations of network functions that can be deployed on a network functions virtualization infrastructure (NFVI). In other words, a VNF can be simply deployed as a virtual machine and the provisioning and monitoring of the server is implement with simple REST APIs or delivered thru environment variables in the user-data during instance launch. This allow complete automation of the insertion, removal and billing of the VNF to a customer. 



The Teams Gateways is provided in two versions, VNF and Multi-Tenant Virtual Machine.  The VNF single tenant is fully automated. The multi-tenant version in certain ways break the VNF function.  One VNF should serve a single function or purpose.


The Teams Gateway is provisioned using the user data field of the instance. It requires only three parameters, the SBC FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) and the SIP trunk parameters. See example below:
export SBC_FQDN=''
export VP_HOST=''
export VP_PORT='5060'
export VP_USERNAME=''
export VP_PASSWORD=''
cd /usr/src/fsteams/config


  The system is monitored thru the home page in the simplest way possible
Teams VNF Dashboard


We have different price schemes for service providers and end users. For service providers we have an exclusive, one time payment for technology transfer.  It means you can receive the code, learn how to implement and replicate as many as you want in your Service Provider.

Service Providers Pricing

You will learn how to provision gateways for customers using an AWS or other infrastructure. Please inform any specific requirements for the service.
If you require a site license get in contact. The technology transfer program is composed of the software plus training, plus implementation of the first customer VNF. For on-premises computers, you will need a VMWare infrastructure to run the VNFs.

End User Pricing

For users who are not service providers we have a VNF in the cloud with  “pay as you go”. Price for the MS Teams VNF are per hour, more information here or at


The MS Teams Gateway is immediately available.

More Information

Schedule a conference to discuss the implementation of the MS Teams VNF in your company.